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The Industry's Unique Patented Active Hair-breaking Roller Brush

Z11 Max is equipped with a unique patented active hair-cutting roller brush, which is compact and powerful, making it more flexible and convenient to use. This floor brush is equipped with two sets of horizontally opposed blades, which work periodically when vacuuming, and actively cut the hair entangled on the floor brush. Compared with the passive anti-entanglement method, the active hair cutting technology has a more obvious effect. There is no hair residue on the back floor, which prevents hair from entanglement on the brush head, bid farewell to the trouble of manual secondary cleaning, and solves the pain points of users in a true sense.

Moreover, the brush here integrates cutting hair, long pile, and bristles. It can be applied to different material floors in the home without changing different roller brushes: it can flexibly respond to multiple complex ground environments such as wooden floors, floor tiles, and carpets in the home, and effectively improve Cleaning efficiency.



When using the cutting roller to clean the floor, the floor cleaning machine will continue to run for 90 seconds so that the hair entangled on the roller can be cut and sucked into the dust cup. When testing this function, it needs to run continuously for more than 90 seconds; (material for review test: it is better to use the hair from women or hair of the pet. The fine thread is fine if you do not have female hair or pet hair.


Note 2:

When using an active hair-breaking roller brush, large-grain garbage such as melon seeds, peanuts, wolfberry, etc. cannot be absorbed, and a large amount of flour cannot be directly absorbed (a large amount of powder will block the filter and affect the motor, and it can be covered on the surface of the flour and other powders Use a layer of woven fabrics such as towels to simulate dust scenes); (do not suck very large particles, the main reason is that there is a cutting blade on the floor brush, and the plastic in front of the blade when the roller brush rotates, the clearance from the ground is small, and large particles cannot be caught by the roller brush into the suction port of the floor brush.)