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Shunzao brand introduction

Shunzao Technology was established in 2019 and currently has created three major smart cleaning household appliances categories: cordless stick vacuum, robot vacuum, and wet and dry vacuum. Through the research and development of various new structural designs, we continue to develop cutting-edge patented technologies to meet scene recognition, Various intelligent requirements such as object recognition and voice interaction. Currently, hundreds of proprietary technologies have been accumulated.

Shunzao currently gathers a large number of high-end R&D talents from well-known international companies, and its R&D technicians account for more than 50%. Shunzao devotes to the research and development of high-efficiency and low-noise brushless motor technology, deeply cultivates innovation of user experience, and strives to create innovative artificial intelligence algorithms. At present, many of shunzao original core technologies are far ahead of the same industry.

Recently, Shunzao Technology gets the completion of a Series B financing round of US$50 million. This round of investment was led by Baobi Industrial Chain Fund, followed by Blue Lake Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Xiaomi Group.

This round of financing will be mainly used for the development of new technologies, the innovation of core products, the construction of global channels, its deep technology, and fully automated factories.

Shunzao Technology's current two major business lines include its own brand product line and Mijia product line.

In terms of its own brands, Shunzao Technology is also continuing to deploy products in different echelons around different price ranges, and at the same time carry out category innovation and expansion based on household cleaning scenes, travel cleaning scenes, and outdoor cleaning scenes.

Shunzao achieved many of the world-renowned design awards within two years. Shunzao's Z1 series of hand-held vacuum cleaners has created a brilliant result with a first crowdfunding amount of more than 658 thousand EUR, and its Z11 series, the world's first anti-twist hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner, has completed more than 8334% of the crowdfunding, creating the highest category of Xiaomi Youpin's crowdfunding vacuum cleaner record. For the first Double Eleven event, the sales amount increased by 1980% year-on-year, and the brand exposure exceeded 1 billion times.

The Mijia product line continues to expand. Following the K10 Pro portable vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum cleaner, Shunzao Technology has also become a cooperative enterprise of Mijia sweeping robot products and scrubber products. Among them, the first flagship product K10 Pro is the first on the market. It has completed more than 30 million sales per month.

In terms of overseas markets, Shunzao Technology has already deployed in Germany, Russia, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions, and will build its own overseas teams to localize the global market.

Shunzao Technology has opened up the upstream supply chain system within two years, with its own research and development capabilities, and the ability to control core components to achieve a balance between product efficacy and cost. After this round of financing, Shunzao Technology will work with the industry to build its own smart chemical factory to meet the huge rigid demand for household cleaning products in overseas markets.

Vision: Let every family in the world enjoys technological innovation.

Shunzao has never stopped its pace of scientific and technological exploration and will continue to move toward its goal.